Safe for Adults

  • The Shure-Step® has no legs. It won’t wobble,
    so you won’t slip or fall.
  • The Shure-Step® only weighs 10 lbs.
  • The Shure-Step® is easy to store on buses.
  • Easy to see for seniors.
  • Sandpaper pad prevents slipping.

“The residents at our senior living facility were having a hard time
getting up to the first step on our bus. I personally bought a Shure-Step® for them to use. When the bus management saw how well it worked, they bought their own Shure-Step® to keep on the bus.”

– Lenny Ewell, bus driver, Atria Hearthstone East

4I considered it a lucky day when my online search for a safety step stool for elderly people led me to you. At last, we found a solution to our long time problem. We run a home care agency and part of the service is a hospital pick-up upon discharge for patients who are ambulatory. We have a van and an SUV that we use for them and we need your product so we can safely maneuver them in getting in and out. We find your product the safest and most steady because of the size, shape and material. Thank you very much.”

– Nancy Jurok

The Shure-Step® “NO BS” Double Guarantee

#1. Satisfaction Guaranteed for 60 Days – if you aren’t thrilled with your
Shure-Step® up to 60 days after purchase, return it for a full refund.

#2. If the Shure-Step® ever becomes damaged during normal use we will
will replace it FREE!

6” high Senior Step Stool

SST1 Yellow Senior Step$106.77/each
SST-B1 Black Senior Step$106.77/each


Shipping for SST & SSTB; 1 step= $20, 2 steps= $30, 3 steps= $35, 4 steps = $40

10” high Shure-Step® II -PASS

SS2B-PASS1 Black Shure-Step® II$108.87/each
SS2Y-PASS1 Yellow Shure-Step® II$108.87/each


Shipping for SS2B & SS2Y; 1 step= $20, 2 steps= $30, 3 steps= $35, 4 steps = $40

2-Step Stool

2-ST1 Yellow 2-Step Stool$117.88/each


Shipping for 2-ST; 1 step= $20, 2 steps= $30, 3 steps= $35, 4 steps = $40