Watch this video to see how passengers enter an airplane safely.

Watch this video to learn all about the Senior Step Stool.

Watch this video to see how a pilot safely enters a single engine plane.

The 6 inch high Senior Step Stool / The 2 Step Stool, 6 and 10 inches high

Our Unmatched “NO BS” Double Guarantee

#1: Satisfaction Guaranteed for 60 Days  – If any Shure-Step product isn’t everything we promised and a lot more, if you aren’t thrilled with it after 60 days, return it for a full refund. (Most say they wouldn’t give up their Shure-Step for what they paid for it, if they couldn’t get another one!!!)

#2: Lifetime Guarantee – If the plastic Shure-Step ever becomes damaged during normal use we will replace it FREE!!


I can’t stand buying a product online and when it arrives, thinking, hmmm… “This is a crappy product.” I think you want good value. Heck – I know I do. And it’s so hard to come by these days, there are too many cheap products to sort through. So I’ve worked hard to make sure this is a GREAT PRODUCT that will solve a problem that you have with physically challenged passengers that just need a little help boarding your aircraft.

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