Keep Your passengers safe While Boarding aircraft


Replace your outdated flimsy step stools.

  • All Shure-Steps are heavy duty, rated for 500 pounds.
  • The Shure-Step has no legs. It won’t wobble so you don’t slip or fall.
  • Now, women in dresses & skirts can gracefully board your aircraft.
  • Black sandpaper pad on top to keep passengers in smooth soled shoes firmly grounded, also contrasts with the bright yellow plastic to make this step easy to see, even for the visually impaired.
  • All the Shure-Step models are available in black. Great for when you don’t need this step to be the brightest star  shining.
  • The Shure-Steps have 6 large rubber pads on the bottom to keep them from sliding on smooth or wet surfaces. Why  didn’t anyone else think of this?
  • For all of our neighbors living in the icy north, we offer ice cleats that are easily installed at the beginning of winter,  & easily removed at the end of winter.


The Shure-Step® “NO BS” Double Guarantee

#1.Satisfaction Guaranteed for 60 Days – if you aren’t thrilled with your Shure-Step up to 60 days after purchase, return it for  a full refund.
#2.If the Shure-Step ever becomes damaged during normal use we will will replace it FREE!

6” high Senior Step Stool

SST1 Yellow Senior Step$106.77/each
SST-B1 Black Senior Step$106.77/each


Shipping for SST & SSTB; 1 step= $20, 2 steps= $30, 3 steps= $35, 4 steps = $40[/vc_column_text]

10” high Shure-Step® II -PASS

SS2B-PASS1 Black Shure-Step® II$108.87/each
SS2Y-PASS1 Yellow Shure-Step® II$108.87/each


Shipping for SS2B & SS2Y; 1 step= $20, 2 steps= $30, 3 steps= $35, 4 steps = $40

2-Step Stool

2-ST1 Yellow 2-Step Stool$117.88/each


Shipping for 2-ST; 1 step= $20, 2 steps= $30, 3 steps= $35, 4 steps = $40

Winter Ice Cleats for Any Model Shure-Step®

IC1 Set of 4 Cleats$8.47/each step

Custom Steps


Lead time is approximately 6 weeks

Minimum Order: 100 units

One time set-up fee for 2 color graphics $200.00.

Shipping: Will be billed and added. F.O.B. plant in West Point, MS 39773.

How to extend the rubber pads on Shure Step



Want to know who builds the best step? Ask: who gives the best guarantee? Here’s ours, simple and straightforward:

Our Unmatched “NO BS” Double Guarantee

#1: Satisfaction Guaranteed for 60 Days  – If any Shure-Step product isn’t everything we promised and a lot more, if you aren’t thrilled with it after 60 days, return it for a full refund. (Most say they wouldn’t give up their Shure-Step for what they paid for it, if they couldn’t get another one!!!)
#2: Lifetime Guarantee – If the plastic Shure-Step ever becomes damaged during normal use we will replace it FREE!!
#3. Save Money Thanks To First-Rate SAFETY – The Shure-Step® has the largest standing surface of any plastic utility step in the world. Its wedge design prevents tipping. The non-skid pads prevent slipping even on smooth or wet floors!
#4: They’re Stackable – If you can’t reach high enough with one Shure-Step®, no problem, just throw another Shure-Step® on top. Most Shure-Step® products are stackable. They grow 6 inches with each added step.
#5: Lightweight But So Darned Durable You’ll Think They’re Made With Secret Plastics From Another Planet -The Shure-Step®II was crushed using a wooden block resembling a foot. It required 2,350 pounds of pressure to push the block 4 inches into the step. When the block was removed the step returned to its original shape overnight and went back to work.
#6: The Soft Top – The Shure-Step® is gentle on your body. When standing on the Shure-Step® you’ll notice that the standing surface flexes. This is so your ankles, knees and joints don’t ache after working on the Shure-Step®.
#7: Put Away The Aspirin – No Maintenance Headaches, No Replacement Headaches, Lifetime Warranty….Thanks to the double walled construction it’s the Toughest Step Ever!!!
#8: Really Better Than Any Other Step – The Shure-Step®II is rectangular (not round) for more stability, it has no wheels or moving parts to break, it has no legs so it will hold more weight.
#9: The Best Value – The Shure-Step®II will be around for years and years of trouble-free service. Unlike other steps that you replace 2 or 3 times a year because they become damaged and unstable.


I think you want good value. Heck – I know I do. And it’s so hard to come by these days, there are too many cheap products to sort through. So I’ve worked hard to make sure this is NOT one that will waste your time.

ANYTIME, THOUGH, FEEL FREE TO PICK UP THE PHONE AND CALL ME, 800-273-7866. Ask ANY questions you’ve got. In fact, I’d really appreciate you calling and letting me know your reactions to this information. I’m not really a “salesperson” either, so relax – no pressure – I’m here to answer questions, help you get what you need, provide service.

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Waiting for your call,

David C. DuPont

PS: These steps are tough. I drove over a Shure-Step®II with a ¾ ton truck. 5 days later it popped back into shape and you couldn’t tell it had been run over!!! Can you find another step that’ll do this??? Call 800-273-7866