For my 90 year Old Mother…Testimony


I ordered Shure Step for my 90 year old mother so she could get inside our minivan easier. Most other steps I saw at the store, etc were not tall enough or too tall or were not wide enough or had handles, etc. I had a plastic toy container that I turned upside down and I was using for her to step up into the car with; however, it was not sturdy or slip proof, and it was about 5 inches in height and she could use another inch in height to help her into our vehicle so I was looking for something around 6 inches.

I had previously done a search on the internet and nothing was suitable. I later went in and put a search for—6 inch step stool for elderly and your product came up. It is the only one out there or on the internet that I saw which would fit the height (6 inches), width and length that I was looking for. 5 inches is 1 inch too short and 7 inches would be too high so hopefully this will do the trick.

Notes from the editor:

Trying to get a loved elder in your family moved to & from home or to a doctor’s office for a visit can be a bit of a trick if your loved one has trouble lifting their feet very high. We tried to make the Senior Step user friendly for those with limited physical mobility or those that are visually impaired. The 6 inch height is just about right for those that have a hard time bending their knees very far. And as this person points out the top surface is large, 24” x 14”, and easy to see because of the black & yellow colors since most of our elderly have poor or impaired visions. So they can’t accidentally get a foot caught under it.

David C. DuPont

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A Really Safe and Sturdy Step Stool

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What makes a step stool safe or not safe? Why are some step stools more dangerous than others? Let’s take a look at the construction of a step stool first.

What is the step made of; plastic, metal, wood…a combination of plastic and metal? Then look at the design of the step stool; does the step have legs, does the step have a load rating, does it fold, does it have rubber pads to keep it from sliding? All of this plays a part of telling if the step stool is safe or not.

Let’s start with the material the step stool is constructed from. There are plastic step stools made very cheaply and are intended for use by little children. You can usually tell by how thick the plastic is on the step. Thin plastic (1/16 – 1/8 inch) step stools are not designed to hold very much weight, so they should only be used by young kids trying to reach a water fountain or wash their hands/brush their teeth. However, if you find a plastic step stool that has thick plastic, maybe a double wall construction, you may find that it is more of a heavy duty step stool, especially if the step has a load rating of 500 pounds. Just because a step stool is made from plastic doesn’t make it a cheap step. Survey the step, see if it slides on the floor, and look at its construction design.

Metal step stools tend to be from 2 different schools of design, either heavy duty (heavy weight), or folding (so they store easily). There can be spring loaded rollers on the bottom of the step stool or the manufacturer may make the step platforms from plastic to keep the step from being too heavy.

Wooden steps are commercially made for kids and can be painted or designed with children’s cartoon characters on them. The wooden step stools tend to be very sturdy, but usually lack non-slip pads on the bottom to keep them from sliding. Wooden steps are easy to make in your wood shop or by maintenance personnel at retirement homes, however, these wooden steps do not weather well. So over time the homemade wooden step stool will deteriorate and become unsafe for adults or even kids to use.

David C. DuPont had invented the safest Shurestep step stool not for his own gratification but specifically to help people prevent unwanted accident like he had before while using unsafe crate to stand on. That incident pushed David to create a more stable, sturdy and safest step stool anyone could use. Together with this excellent invention, David offers a unique and great guarantee that no one could just ignore. Try to visit his site for more info about the world’s known safest step stool.

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Step Stool to Lift the Saddle on a Horse

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Hello David,

I did a search to find the step. I think I started out with just step stool, and also RV step and industrial step. The problem I am trying to solve with the step is lifting my saddle on my horse. I have had surgery on both my shoulders so it is hard for me to lift very high. I was looking for something safe to have next to my horse so if she moved around she couldn’t tip it over and get tangled up in any legs on the stool. I also needed it to be wide enough to stand on with both feet and not too heavy to move around. I hope it works for me, It should be here on Friday. I really had to think hard about spending that much on a step so I hope it is worth it and lasts forever.


Notes from the editor:

Ann mentions that the Shure-Step has no legs so her horse won’t get tangled in it. Equestrian Centers everywhere should look at the benefits of using steps without legs for this very reason.

Her last concern is that she hopes it will last forever. That’s a long time, but this step stool is designed with a double wall construction and is rated for 500 pounds. It can take a beating and it will be around for a long, long time. There are Shure-Steps still in auto repair shops that have been in service since 1996, the first year they were made.

David C. DuPont


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Right Step Stool For Little People

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Do you have a friend, relative or a family member who is a little deprived of height? These people are may be called little, but they have special needs in our big world. Being able to work effectively at home or office can be sometimes a big problem for our little friends because they usually need assistance up to a counter or reach high shelves and cabinets. Or if they would be driving a truck or a SUV, they definitely need a step stool to stand on in order to get into the vehicle.

There are lots of step stools around with all safety promises and even less expensive. There are folding that performs what it’s name implies. It simply folds and can be stored easily in one corner. There are some that are light-weight and cheaper. There are even wooden steps tools that promises to be sturdy. But how would you know which among these are safe for little people to use?

First, you must try to check the quality and safety features of the step stool that it brings. Take a look at the folding one. It can be easily stored neatly. It has also 2 or more steps for you to reach higher areas as well. But bear in mind also that this kind of step stool may accommodate a large area of the floor when it’s opened. It is not a good choice if you have a limited space to work on. Then another thing is, it will not give you stability when you try to move around on top to reach over and turn around a lot shifting weights from side to side all the time. This is certainly not safe to anyone.

There are also this Coke crate or milk crate that they used as step stool. This kind work better when is tight. This can be useful to those working as cashiers standing at a cash register or at home counter top doing cooking chores. It can make a friendlier kitchen for little people. But, the disadvantage of this platform type is the required height to be useful. If not, it would be more wiser to choose a folding step stool with 2 or more steps.

You can ask David C. DuPont who has been finding solutions to step stool problems for over 13years. He has helped people solve their problems by helping them find bathroom step stools, kitchen step stools, wooden step stools, kids step stools, plastic step stools and step stools for senior citizens. To see his step stools or to contact him to find a stepstool for you, go to .

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Safe Step Stool Replaces Apple Boxes


Insider Tip: How To Keep Apple Boxes From Sliding on Snow or in Icy Weather

“Whenever our crew uses apple boxes filming outside and there is snow on the ground, the apple box slides and creates a dangerous situation. Your Shure-Step looks like the perfect replacement that won’t slide in the rain or snow.” – Randy J, Senior Engineer, ABC News New York

When your video crew is filming outside in the elements and you’re using an apple box on snow, ice or other slick surfaces, you just know that the person standing on the apple box might move or shift their weight… Causing the apple box to shoot out from under them, what’cha gonna do then? To prevent this sort of problem check out Shure-Step and some of the safest step stools in the world. Customers that have owned these steps for a while, brag on how tough they are to their peers.

Built in similar shape and size to the apple box the Shure-Step’s advantage is that it provides a much more secure platform because of it’s hollow underneath with a perimeter wall. Unlike the apple box that has a flat surface plywood bottom.

The Shure-Step is a step stool that has no legs, it weighs 10 pounds, it’s rated for 500 pounds and they offer ice cleats for the bottom of their step stools to keep them safe even on icy surfaces. Get an apple box to do that!! Best of all, the Shure-Steps can be ordered in black, so they disappear from the camera.

Senior citizens have loved these steps for years because these steps are sturdy and make it easy to get into buses, trucks and SUV’s. Don’t you think it’s time you looked at them for your film crew? You and your crew will be happy you did.

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Guides in Choosing a Safe Library Step Stool


School time is fast approaching now. And libraries will be filled with students once again.Have you ever experienced reaching books on top of the shelves with difficulty? Or even standing on a step that’s not safe for you to climb a little higher? Most of our libraries have high shelves to reach.

And most of their step stools are not dependable for library usage. Many libraries use a round plastic step stool that has a small top that seems impossible for both feet to stand on, and doesn’t even have a load rating.

There are also other libraries that use a ladder to reach higher shelves. But among all these step stools spreading around with safety promises they bring, would you know which from them really offers you the safety anyone would need?

Worries no more! The Shure-Step’s safe library step stool is the only step stool that qualify and satisfy every users needs of safety. Try to look for the excellent features brought to you by these step stools.

Next time you use a step stool in your library, consider these following DO’s and DONT’s for your safety:

• Step stool with legs are a no-no. ( this will bring you unwanted time in the hospital when its legs twist, break or bend when you shift your weight while reaching to put back books )

Folding step stools are also a don’t. ( because of its poor strength to hold a subject on top, it will likely to tip over and create injury to you )

Never use step stools with wheels or rollers ( its very dangerous for anyone on top if it slides, you may find yourself tumbling down to the floor )

• Step stool must have a minimum load rating of 500 lbs. ( this would carry heavier students even with loads of books on their hands )

• Look for a step stool with a flat base that touches the ground ( this way it can never tip over or there are no legs to bend and break )

• A step stool must have a wide and rough space on top ( this is to accommodate both feet so you can move freely and avoid falling while moving around )

So there was it! Be sure to use these guides when stepping on the step stool in your library. You’ll be glad you did!

The Safe Step Stool Guy, David C. DuPont has been helping people find solutions to their step stool problems for 13 years already. He knows best because he himself had a scary experience with faulty step stool before that’s why he invented the sturdiest and safest one. You can visit his site for his testimony or watch this video.

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We have a bed with high mattresses…Testimony


We have a bed with high mattresses, and of late, my husband has encountered mobility problems. He had been using a regular step stool (approx. 6×6″, with steel legs and rubber feet) to provide necessary height to properly get himself on the mattress without slipping off. However, one evening last week the stool went out from under him, causing him to fall on the floor. We concluded he needed something bigger (in area), and without feet.

I had seen step stools specifically designed for beds with high mattresses, and launched an internet search to find something appropriate. Alas, most of the items I found were what I would call fancy furniture, without slip guards, two step, and with feet. I had used the search term “high bed step stool” and “step stool for high beds”, but changed my tack and queried for “senior” step stools. Quite a few sites come up, yours among them, and I think Google keyed on precisely that term. After reviewing your offerings visually, discussing the items with my husband, and talking with you, I placed the order, as your suggestion (the Shure-StepII) seems to be what he needs.

Carolyn Grimes

Note from the editor:

Carolyn has encountered a very common problem. When we get into our “Silver Years” it becomes harder and harder to bend our knees very far. Getting into or out of bed becomes a bigger challenge than we would like to think. Having a step stool that has a large standing surface and one that won’t slide out from under you is essential!! After speaking with her, measuring the distance from the ground to the top of the bed, she thought that the Shure-Step would make it easier for her husband to get into bed. So, Carolyn invested in one of our yellow 10 inch high step stools for her husband and reports that it is working well. No more problems with a sliding step and he can see the yellow step much easier in the dark.

David C. DuPont had invented the safest Shurestep step stool not for his own gratification but specifically to help people prevent unwanted accident like he had before while using unsafe crate to stand on. That incident pushed David to create a more stable, sturdy and safest step stool anyone could use. Visit his website for more info

Yellow Shure-Step II has Smooth Top and with 2 strips of sand paper on top to prevent slip when on top. And is 10″H – 24″L – 13.5″W and weighs 8 Lbs.

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Father with Cancer….Testimony


I found your product on the internet. My father is older and has recently been diagnosed with cancer. He is quite weak and having trouble getting into my automobile. I was using a regular step stool but it was small and dangerous. Every step stool I found was not practical. I found your product by entering “ senior step stool “ into search engine hoping I could find a product that was geared to someone like my dad.


Editors Note:

Maria’s father is physically weak because his cancer has zapped his strength. Finding a safe step stool for him to use would seem fairly simple but as Maria eluded it is anything but easy to find a safe sturdy step that is lightweight yet large enough for a physically challenged elder to maneuver on. Maria found the Senior Step to be the step stool that best suited her dad’s needs because of the large top surface and the sturdy design of the rest of the step.

David DuPont invented the Shure-Step. It is a stackable safety step rated at 500 pounds that has many uses; Seniors, bariatric patients, physical therapists, rehabilitation facilities, bus, train, aircraft and transportation drivers, warehouse workers, mechanics, and technicians, even children benefit from the stability and strength of the Shure-Step. Shure-Steps have a non-slip surface with height starting at 6 and 10 inches, and allows you to stack them to reach up to 16 to 22 inches high or more for a guaranteed safe reaching and stepping aid.

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Why Should Seniors Choose A Safe Step Stool?


If you are considering buying a safe step stool for your senior there are several special needs that MUST be addressed. Most seniors have less than perfect vision, right? Some are overweight and/or might not have the strength to get up on the step stool if it is too high for them to step up to, especially if they have recently had surgery.

Directors of independent retirement communities and assisted living communities are aware that the special needs of seniors must be addressed when using a step stool to help their residents enter and disembark a bus. The directors don’t like step stools that have legs because when entering a bus the senior can mistakenly put their foot under the step stool, loose their balance and fall.

The solution is a step stool that has a perimeter wall, like a box and the color of the step stool is bright enough for the senior to see. This allows the visually impaired senior to slide their foot to the step stool, and when they feel their toe touch the side of the step, raise their foot up and safely set it on top of the step stool. The height of the step stool is also very important! Physically challenged seniors cannot lift their foot more than about 5-7 inches. Make sure that the step stool you buy is within this range for ease of use to the senior.

The average weight of Americans is getting heavier; this is no different with seniors, so be sure to check for a minimum load rating on the step stool of 500 pounds. This will ensure that your senior is safe when boarding a bus or getting into bed or whatever the need is for their step stool. One last feature that you should be aware of is the top surface of the step stool. Is it large enough for a senior to stand on safely and does it have a non-slip surface designed to prevent your senior from slipping or sliding in wet weather?

There are a lot of step stools in the market today claiming to be the best on the market. You can find different types of step stools from folding step stools and you can even choose from plastic, wooden or metal step stools. If you have a tight budget, you might be tempted to choose one of the cheaper step stools. Some of these step stools claim to have the best features and promise to work the best for you. But, how do you know which one to pick for a senior or loved elder? Simply follow the guidelines in this article and you’ll be sure to have the best step stool for your seniors. One question you should always ask yourself when buying a step stool for a senior is “If I were physically weak with poor vision, would I feel safe using this step stool for this purpose”. Before you ever let a senior use a step stool, stand on it your self and test it. You’ll be glad you did!

David DuPont’s Shurestep step stool has been trusted and respected by different award giving bodies and institution. It has been invented to help solve problems with safety as its main concern. You can check for yourself all the products on his site Enjoy your visit!

Step Stool Load Ratings and Step Stool OSHA Ratings


A step stool’s load rating is required to be attached to the step stool with a permanent label by companies doing business with the U.S. Government for safety reasons. Or the step stool has to have an OSHA rating and article number for the specific industry that the step stool will be used in, such as welding.

The only OSHA rating for step stools for use by the public, provides that if the step stool is over 24 inches in height, the step stool has to have a hand rail; Period. Any other OSHA rating is misleading at best, deceptive or illegal at worst.

If you encounter a step stool manufacturer making a claim other than a load rating you should be skeptical, not only about the claim but also the integrity of the company selling you their product. A reputable company will not overstate the realistic expectations of their products.

Another example of misuse of step stool ratings is a “Lab Tested to 1,000 Pounds” claim either on the sales material, packaging or web site. After you take the step stool out of the box and start to use the step stool, how are you going to remember the load rating a year later if it’s not labeled on the step stool? You probably won’t.

The reason a “Lab Tested at…” is misleading is usually the facts are omitted, this is often an unsubstantiated claim made for the sole purpose of trying to convince you that this step stool has been tested and meets certain requirements. Often times there have never been any tests done. Shameful!

How does a “Load Rating” differ from a “Tested At” claim? If the manufacturer has the guts to put a “Rated At” such-and-such pounds label on their step stool you can ask for a copy the load test. The load test is very detailed and shows under what parameters the test was performed. When a manufacturer makes a load rating claim for a step stool, it means that the step stool actually withstood a minimum of 4 times the load rating meaning that a 500 pound Load Rated step stool was “Lab Tested” at over 2,000 pounds.

So which do you want for your step stool, a load rating or “Lab Tested At” claim? Or would you rather have a bogus step stool OSHA rating number that says your step stool is OSHA approved for a welding shop and you’re using the step stool in a grocery store? Buyer Beware!!!

David C. DuPont had invented the safest Shurestep step stool not for his own gratification but specifically to help people prevent unwanted accident like he had before while using unsafe crate to stand on. That incident pushed David to create a more stable, sturdy and safest step stool anyone could use. Together with this excellent invention, David offers a unique and great guarantee that no one could just ignore.

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